The Xuanyuan Award


The Xuanyuan Award is the first business to business award in the Chinese automotive industry – from professionals for professionals. Unlike any other Chinese award we do not focus exclusively on the product itself, rather we holistically consider the achievements in innovation, mobility and industry contribution. Therefore, we are confident that the Xuanyuan Award and its mindset will support the domestic auto industry to develop in a quality-oriented, sustainable and competitive way.

Origin of the name

Xuanyuan is the name of the “Yellow Emperor” who was the earliest ancestor of the Chinese civilization and a legendary Chinese sovereign hero. During his reign he invented the “south-pointing chariot” to guide his people to victory. We chose the name Xuanyuan to symbolize the strong growth of the Chinese automotive enterprises as well as the progressive development of China’s automotive industry. The Xuanyuan Award aims to become the top award in the automotive field, guiding China’s automotive industry just like the original Xuanyuan guided his people over 4500 years ago.


By introducing the Xuanyuan award, we set an authoritative voice in the landscape of car awards in China, helping the industry to develop in a quality-oriented, sustainable and competitive way. Moreover, we aim to create a transparent industry award by involving leading industry experts in the awarding process.