Award Winners 2015

SAIC-GM-Wuling's Baojun 730 wins the Xuanyuan Award 2015

With the Baojun 730 SAIC-Wuling-GM delivered an incredible success story in China’s automotive industry.

SAIC-GM-Wuling used the 730 to reposition the Baojun brand above the Hongguang as a premium MPV. This 2-channel sales strategy has been a tremendous success as the Baojun 730 has been consistently in the top ranks in the monthly sales charts.

By bringing advanced features such as electronic steering to the low-cost MPV segment, the Baojun can rightfully claim to be “The People’s Car”.

What makes these achievements even more remarkable is the fact that the development of all major components was carried out by Wuling’ s headquarter.

Special Award in Additional Categories

In addition to the overall winner the Jury decided to hand out 4 special awards for execptional achievements.

Special award for Redefining Premium. Beijing-Benz – All New Mercedes C-Class

The new C-class impressed the jury with its new take on the entry level premium segment in China.

In a segment where its competitors were lowering sales prices, Mercedes used the launch of the new C-class to reposition itself as the luxury car.

Mercedes carefully took local market requirements into account which led to the design of a China-specific, more luxurious C-Class.

The resulting market acceptance proofs that Mercedes once more was able to lead a new development trend.

Special Award for Sustainable Technology - SAIC Roewe 550PEV

With the Roewe 550PEV, SAIC launched a Plugin-Hybrid to the market at a time when most local competitors are still in development.

The Roewe 550PEV is the result of future proof competency build-up in all relevant technologies e.g. powertrain management, combustion engine technology, E-engines, …

Mastering Hybrid technology is an important achievement as it provides both the basis for mid- and long-term solutions.

Special Award for Business Strategy - JAC S3

With the S3, JAC was not merely trying to copy existing designs in the SUV market but rather tailor a product specifically to the needs of young people.

During the development process JAC did extensive market research and prototyping to include customer feedback in all stages of development.

As a result JAC was able to take over market share from its competitors and position itself as an innovative maker of SUVs.

Special Award for Global Potential - Chang'an CS75

The CS75 is the latest result of Chang’an's long-term strategy to become a global player in the automotive industry.

Through continuous improvement in all technical aspects Chang’an was able to reach a very high quality level.

On top of technical achievement, the CS75 comes in an internationally competitive design.