Xuanyuan Award


  • 1. Set an authoritative and independent voice in the landscape of automotive awards in China
  • 2. Foster transparency by involving leading industry experts in the awarding process
  • 3. Support quality-oriented, sustainable and competitive industry growth by promoting competency development
Xuanyuan Award

Guiding Principle

  • 1. Being independent of personal relationships, business interests, or any other influences has always been the principle we adhere with Xuanyuan Award.
  • 2. Xuanyuan Award Jury and Supporters are all from non-OEM organizations.
  • 3. Xuanyuan Award Partners are all well-known organizations from the industry.
  • 4. Xuanyuan Award Executive Committee has invited Ernst & Young, one of the world's four largest accounting firms, as an independent observer to ensure the fairness of the award evaluation.
Xuanyuan Award


Jack Yu

Executive Committee Director

Jack Yu is the Editor-in-Chief of Auto Business Review, Co-Founder of Auto Square Vehicle APP, PhD of School of Journalism, Renmin University of China and Winner of Special Award of China News Award. He is the publisher of "China Automotive Research" (Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, 2005), the first automotive general annals; "Great Crisis: Critical Moment of China’s Auto Industry" (Science Press); and "Role Models -100 People in China Auto Industry in 60 years" (China Workers Publishing House, 2011).

Truls Thorstensen

Jury President

Truls Thorstensen is the president and CEO of Vienna based EFS Consulting. Since over 28 years, Mr. Thorstensen has been carrying out projects in the automotive industry for clients in Europe, Asia and the US. With his wide range of automotive know-how he is a sought-after speaker at international events as well as frequent contributor to car magazines around the world.

The Independent Observer

The Xuanyuan Award Executive Committee has invited Ernst & Young, one of the world's four largest accounting firms, to participate as independent observer and ensure the fairness of the award evaluation. Ye Liang, Partner at EY, Greater China Automotive & Transportation Sector Leader, has been serving as the Independent Observer of the Xuanyuan Award since 2018.

Vehicle Assessment

Prior to the Jury session in Beijing, a 10 - 15 days assessment is carried out each October at one of China’s largest Proving Grounds – NAST in Xiangyang. Besides EFS Consulting, international leading companies such as EDAG, DEWETRON, SoCar and PATEO are contributing to the assessment categories, in order to provide a solid basis for decision making of the jury.

It all started with vehicles characteristics and over the years increased to a wide portfolio of assessment categories such as EV Range & Energy Efficiency, Interior Perception, HMI and Voice Control. Since the 2020 Award, a brand new approach of User Experience Assessment has been added to the Xuanyuan Award assessment. 5 typical use cases are chosen and the assessment team simulates the use cases in Xiangyang to assess the functions, performance and experience of the vehicles.

Xuanyuan Award

Name & Trophy

Xuan refers to an ancient vehicle with a shed or curtain.

Yuan, the two straight wooden sticks in front of the vehicle where the animals were connected and driven in front. Xuanyuan is also an alias of Huangdi (Yellow Emperor) who is the ancestor of the Chinese nation and the inventor of the Guide Vehicle.

Naming the Award after Emperor Xuanyuan shows our aim to become the top award in the automotive field, guiding and promoting China’s automotive industry to move forward.

The Award trophy was designed by Yanliang Jia, the designer of China's most prestigious classic car Red Flag CA770, and is bulit by Chinese cutting-edge car designer Chao Wang.

Xuanyuan Award


Auto Business Review

Auto Business Review (ABR) was founded in November 2016 by Dr. Jack Yu who is a senior business reporter in China. Its mission is “Driving China’s Auto Industry Forward” based on the value creator in the automobile industrial chain to become the “Top Automobile Business Report Magazine in China”.

EFS Consulting

EFS Consulting was founded in 1992,based in Vienna by Mr. Truls Thorstensen. It is an independent consulting company focusing on future markets and technologies in the automotive industry. Since 1992 we support our clients starting from product-positioning, product-development and manufacturing engineering with respect to all technical and economic aspects. EFS manages projects in Europe, the US, South America and Asia.