Award Winners 2014

GAC Motor’s ‘Trumpchi GS5’ wins the 2014 Xuanyuan Award

After careful selection and deliberation concerning which OEM made the greatest positive contribution to the Chinese automotive industry; the jury panel of automotive experts awarded this year’s Xuanyuan Award to GAC Motor’s ‘Trumpchi GS5’. During this short time, GAC Motor has made a significant mark within the domestic Chinese automotive market through its broad array of competencies, ranging from product engineering to manufacturing engineering as well as quality and supplier management. Unlike other contenders, the GAC Trumpchi GS5 has no predecessor and was built strictly upon independent know-how within the company.

GAC Motor has created a distinct advantage with local competitors, heavily focused on local standards, by making sure that the company is afloat with international standards as well as worldwide best practices. The company serves as an excellent example of a local OEM delivering world-class products by integrating world-class know-how. These achievements have made GAC Motor’s ‘Trumpchi GS5’ a worthy winner and GAC Motor, a company that has demonstrated the Chinese government’s vision of creating strong players within the local industry that actively learn from joint-venture partners without copying or imitating international competitors.

Special Award in Additional Categories

Jury members also had the opportunity to present four additional special awards during the Xuanyuan Award 2014. These awards were rewarded to vehicle manufacturers as well as individual vehicles that have had outstanding achievements in the field of contribution to the domestic industry as well as pioneering new market segments and strategies.

  • Special Award for Exceptional Achievement in Chinese Design and Engineering Skills: Shanghai GM ‘All-new Buick LaCrosse’
  • Special Award for Pioneering the SUV Segment in China: Greatwall ‘Haval H6’
  • Special Award for making rapid progress in engineering and design: Chang’an ‘Eado’
  • Special Award for Strategic Expansion to a New Market Segment: Volkswagen „Lavida“