Xuanyuan Award

Criteria for Winning

  • 1、Product and technology innovation based on user experience (Vehicle platform, Styling & design, Perceived Quality, Driving Dynamics and others)
  • 2、Contribution to Mobility(Cost Performance, Energy Consumption and Emission, Durability)
  • 3、Contribution to Chinese Automotive Industry (Product Development, Manufacturing Engineering, Supply Chain, Import and Business Model)
Xuanyuan Award


The winners are ranked in 3 levels: China Car of the Year, Top 10 Cars of the Year and Top 10 Nominees of the Year.

Only 1 car is awarded as Xuanyuan Award China Car of the Year. It is selected among the Xuanyuan Award Top 10 Cars of the Year. The winner receives the Xuanyuan Award Trophy and the Certificate.

10 cars are awarded as Xuanyuan Award Top 10 Cars of the Year. They are selected among the 20 finalists. The winners will receive the Medal and the Certificate.

Another 10 cars are awarded as Xuanyuan Award Top 10 Nominees of the Year, who will receive the nomination certificate.

Xuanyuan Award


  • 1. Qualified nominees are locally-produced domestic and foreign brand vehicle and imported new energy vehicles with market launch from November of the year before to October of the current year.
  • 2. All vehicles are divided into four groups: Chinese brand ICEs, Chinese brand NEVs, foreign brand ICEs, and foreign brand NEVs.
  • 3. The participating vehicles are mainly actively nominated by the vehicle manufacturers or importers, supplemented by the Xuanyuan Award Executive Committee.
Xuanyuan Award


1. The Award kicks off at the beginning of September each year.


2. The selection process is divided into 4 phases: 1st phase is nomination, 2nd phase is the initial selection defining the shortlisted vehicles; 3rd phase is the middle selection defining the finalists; last phase is the jury session defining the Xuanyuan Award Top 10 Nominees of the Year, Xuanyuan Award Top 10 Cars of the Year, Xuanyuan Award China Car of the Year.


  - The initial selection starts at the middle of October.

    ·  The principle is to select no more than 10 vehicles for each group. The 40 shortlisted vehicles are selected by the voting of Xuanyuan Award Advisory Board.

    ·  Votes by Design Advisory Board and Tech Advisory Board count for 70% of the rating and votes by Media Advisory Board count for 30% of the rating.


  - The mid-selection starts in the first half of November.

     ·  All participants are assessed from various perspectives by the assessment team made of top experts from several companies at NAST in Xiangyang.

     ·  Xuanyuan Award Executive Committee defines the 20 finalists based on the assessment results and online voting on the Wechat Public Platform of Auto Business Review and Xuanyuan Award.

    ·  The finalists must go through the Xuanyuan Award assessment in order to be qualified to enter the final selection. 


  - The final Jury Session takes place in mid of December.

     ·  Xuanyuan Award Jury will decide on the final winners based on the static & dynamic assessment results, on-site test drive and jury session discussion.


3. The Award Ceremony is held directly in the afternoon of the day after the Jury Session at Beijing Auto Museum