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Xuanyuan Award

2021 Winners

Car of the Year

Hongqi H9

World-class styling, perfect mixture of history and modernity, classic and fashion, dazzling in an instant, it has excellent driving control and the most intelligent interaction and riding experience compared with the same level of products; it allows advanced technology and Chinese culture to harmoniously blend with itself. It is the pioneer which managed to make the breakthrough of Chinese domestic brands in executive luxury market.

Car of the Year

Xiaopeng P7

Human & vehicle as one! This car subverts the industry's stereotype that electric sportscars are fast but not linear. It is a milestone product in the era of AI interaction, is the State-of Art of software-defined vehicle. It represents the cultural identity of China's new generation of consumer groups and represents China's automotive expectations for the future.

Top 10

Changan UNI-T

It shows in-depth understanding of customer requirements for products in this market segment. It has made bold choices in the pursuit of sports fashion and comfort which bring consumers unique experience. This kind of user experience has also been fully confirmed by its sales number.

Top 10


With this car, NIO has demonstrated its more and more powerful competence in not only services network but also vehicle development.

Top 10


It captures the core of various user requirements in reality and uses mature technology to create a stable, harmonious, balanced and excellent technological product experience, bringing consumers the right choice between electric vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles.

Top 10

Tesla MODEL 3

Minimalist interior design, excellent driving experience and architecture design; it is not only the State-of-Art of software-defined vehicle, but also represents fruitful innovation attempts in the fields of hardware, engineering, and supply chain. It is the disruptor and promoter of China's electric vehicle market in 2020.

Top 10

Geely Preface

The first look might be ordinary, but it is unusually pleasing to the eye in a second glance; it shows the pursuit of perfect refinement in many details; whether it is static PQ, dynamic performance, OTA or HMI all shows Chinese brand’s confidence when facing international rivals.

Top 10

Hongqi E-HS9

It has domineering lines and shapes that represent family genes, straight, concise and fine-textured interiors; it has a relatively outstanding intelligent connectivity experience and ADSA performance. It brings a large electric SUV to a level that is comparable to European and American large luxury cars and Tesla MODEL X.

Top 10

Ora Goodcat

It has smooth and sleek lines, a unified retro style, ample space, comfortable driving experience, and excellent ADAS performance. It successfully opened a new market segment in the field of EV targeting female drivers. From its name to design to user experience, all shows the perfect realization of the consistency of product definition.

Top 10

WEY Tank 300

Unique styling, excellent craftsmanship, good off-road performance. It is a very good balance of off-road and urban life with extremely high playability and cost-effectiveness; it successfully breaks the circle in the original off-road vehicle market, allowing the young generation the possibility to love and pursue off-road vehicles.

Top 10

Roewe iMAX8

Its magic screen, magic bar and other technological experience and clever seat design and arrangement meet the typical consumer use cases; its chassis comfort, especially its excellent performance on a variety of complex roads show it’s ambition to challenge the joint venture products.

Top 10

Wuling Hongguang MINI EV

It is the only small car that looks big. It is a minimalist product developed based on market demand and user-oriented logic. It is China’s K-Car; as an A00-class car, it has successfully developed a new blue ocean market for EVs in China and has significant meaning for the future of electrification.

Xuanyuan Award

2020 Winners

Car of the Year


This car has a highly recognizable EV family design. Its autonomous driving technology is comparable to Tesla and it provides innovative and emotionally HMI experience as well as user-specific diversified services. It represents the Chinese OEMs’ pursuit of perfection. It was highly evaluated and unanimously acknowledged by the 7th Xuanyuan Award jury.

Top 10


Inheriting the innovative EV family genes, this car has shown very strong product competitiveness in terms of driving performance, detailed design, connectivity experience, autonomous driving and user service through a number of groundbreaking technology and innovative application solutions.

Top 10

New Baojun RM-5

This car has made bold innovations and breakthroughs from both inside and outside. It brings the customers a new experience that is young, fun and with good sense of technology. It is equipped with the industry's first mobile phone telematics which has brought new ideas to the industry.

Top 10

Lykn&Co 03+

A fashionable and sporty brand is created. This car's positioning is accurate, fully catering to young customers’ preferences for sports cars. It has also paid high attention to the interior and exterior details, very well-made. It continues to create a path for Chinese auto brands to go

Top 10

Aion LX

This car has a fashionable styling and has ingeniously created a hyperboloid screen effect and a humanized interface. It is also at the forefront of the industry in terms of electric vehicle driving performance, autonomous driving, and vehicle intelligence.

Top 10

Geely Xingyue PHEV

This car embodies advanced design concepts and manufacturing technology. The product experience is well balanced among power, fuel consumption, comfort and other dimensions, and it has become the benchmark of the domestic coupe SUV market.

Top 10

Changan CS75 PLUS

Sporty design language, pioneering triple screen center console, humanized seating experience and good dynamic performance, all these have made this car the leading product of Changan’s brand upgrading program.

Top 10

Hongqi HS5

This car attempts to define a sense of luxury that meets the aesthetic needs of Chinese customers. It is well-balanced with rich function settings, which has made outstanding contributions to the upgrading process of Chinese auto brands.

Top 10

Audi e-tron

This car innovatively adopts a cabin design integrated with three electronic screens. It has a simple HMI, fashionable design and the operation is convenient. As the first pure electric car of FAW Audi, it provides the customers first-class driving experience than traditional cars.

Top 10

Jetta VS5

This car is based on the Volkswagen MQB platform, and through localized supply chain innovation, it has achieved a significant reduction in its pricing. It has successfully transformed Jetta from a product brand into one of the independent new brands of the Volkswagen Group.

Top 10

The All New BMW 3 Series

With its advanced ADAS functions,e.g.Active Cruise Control with Stop &Go, automatic parking function, this car allows the customers to feel the convenience and security brought by technology while enjoying the ultimate driving experience.

Xuanyuan Award

2019 Winners

Overall Winner

Roewe Marvel X

All over, well balanced vehicle concept; Special strength in interior PQ due to application of high value materials and premium craftsmanship; Convincing driving dynamics leading the way in the global EV SUV segment, providing the customer with a thought-through AI experience; Highly integrated electric powertrain design shows extra-ordinary engineering competence; High level EV performance in major dimensions: energy efficiency, driving range, battery charging.

Special Award for AI Practice

Aeolus AX7

Truly user-centered system, not only transferring spoken into written word, but capturing the driver’s intentions; Extraordinary performance in highly user relevant dimensions: information display, voice control, and variance of functions; Deep integration into online ecosystem proactively provides user with use-case specific solutions.

Special Award for Perceived Quality

Jaguar Epace

High attention to exterior details, and achieving extraordinary craftsmanship that communicates a sense of sportiness and premium; Convincing touch and feel due to high quality soft materials applied in the interior; Well-balanced application of exterior chrome parts and interior interplay of colors supports the dynamic language, in correspondence with product positioning.

Special Award for Comfort & Driving Experience

Lynk & Co 03

Strong and dynamic driving experience due to powerful engine and ESP only stepping in last minute; Interior concept (e.g. sporty seats) provides driver with direct feeling for the environment while maintaining a high level of comfort; Delicate interior with a lot of love for details provides exceptional and comfortable driving experience.

Special Award for Design


The NIO ES8 represents a fresh and innovative exterior design; The overall volume is balanced, and the front graphics are innovative and clean; Futuristic HMI interface in interior with clean lines and high perceived quality.

Jury Special


High value economic EV suitable for urban driving and mostly feasible for the current E-powertrain technology; Futuristic EV concept, with dedicated vehicle specification for shared mobility solutions; Developed through highly efficient utilization and integration of a wide range of R&D and manufacturing

Xuanyuan Award

2018 Winners

Overall Winner

Volvo S90

Produced in China for the global demand; capabe of breaking the dominance of the traditional German OEMs in the upper middle segment in China; leader in the downsizing approach (2.0l basic engine supercharged in different stages) among the best vehicles assessed in Xiangyang back in October; a product of a Chinese owned OEM.

Special Award for NEV


Consistent styling, excellent craftsmanship and space, good to drive and very convincing from the first moment, reflecting GAC NE's strong and balanced competence in design and R&D.

Special Award for Excellent Engineering

Lynk & Co 01

As the first model of the new brand, this car shows the team's great brand creation ability and outstanding competence in product definition and engineering.

Special Award for Localization Strategy

GAC Honda Avancier 240Turbo

This product shows strong insight of Chinese customers' needs in its product definition and development phase and fully caters to Chinese customers' preferences in terms of design, space and dynamic setting.

Special Award for Exterior Design


The attractive appearance of WEY VV7s has become the core competitiveness of this product, and even the WEY brand, which has given Chinese domestic auto brands confidence to enter the mid-to-high-end market.

Special Award for PQ in Economic Segment

BAIC Senova All New D50

This product not only shows BAIC's competence in product definition, cost control, etc., but also provides a PQ benchmark for the future development of vehicles in the economic segment.

Special Award for Future Concept


This car is defined for the future mobility. The multiple screens used inside and outside the car show the forward-looking design concept of more intelligent interaction in the future scenarios.

Special Award for Product Development Strategy

SAIC Maxus D90

Maxus has created a platform which allows customers to fully participate in the product development process, including product definition, styling, testing, pricing, etc. so that in-depth communication and interaction between customers and engineers are possible.

Xuanyuan Award

2017 Winners

Overall Winner

SAIC Roewe RX5

China is taking the first step to the next generation with SAIC Roewe RX5. It is China’s first interpretation of the connected car vision at an affordable price; It is a good example of technology cooperation; The well balanced and subtle styling standing shoulder to shoulder with joint venture brands;

Special Award for NEV


It provides the market with good range at an affordable price; The good sales performance (monthly sales average) had made it the best-selling BEV of the year.

Special award for Driving Pleasure

Beijing Hyundai Verna

Affordable driving pleasure; excellent driving dynamics / really fun to drive.

Special award for Design

Chery Tiggo 7

Very well balanced, well executed; professional surface treatment that creates volume and confidence in a compact SUV; design matching the young customers; high attention to interior materials and trim.

Special award for Engineering Excellence

FAW-VW Magotan

Excellent perceived quality; state-of-the-art functionality (incl. active safety) at this price level; strong local R&D content.

Special award for Chinese Premium

GAC Trumpchi GS8

Some joint-ventures would have been glad to have this exterior and interior styling; visible technology e.g. headlights; good sales volume (monthly sales) in premium price segment; excellent HMI ease of use.

Special award for Global Competitiveness

Geely Boyue

No shortcomings, entire vehicle well balanced;strong inner values of the drivetrain; Chinese engineering at its best, ready for the world.

Xuanyuan Award

2016 Winners

Overall Winner

Geely Borui

By being the first car from a local OEM to successfully compete in the coveted C-segment,Borui sets a strong statement for the entire Chinese automotive industry. It offers a compelling package in terms of exterior design and advanced features and marks a huge improvement over its predecessor and peers from local OEMs.

Special award for New Product Experience

BAIC Senova X25

The BAIC X25 surprised the jury with a fresh take on the small SUV segment. Where most competitors only focus on delivering an affordable vehicle with a similar set of features, BAIC went to great lengths to offer a fun driving experience.

Special Award for Consistent Portfolio Strategy

SAIC-GM-Wuling Baojun 560

Baojun successfully transferred its brand DNA to a new segment with this car. It is not only an achievement in product development and portfolio expansion, but also shows how a new-entrant to a segment can still gain significant market share through strategic pricing.

Special award for Design

Dongfeng-Nissan Lannia

It has a strong and unique design style and is detail-oriented; based on Nissan's design DNA, it introduces international design elelments and makes improvements to adapt to the Chinese market. It is a strategic result formed by the cooperation of Nissan and Dongfeng.

Xuanyuan Award

2015 Winners

Overall Winner

SAIC-GM-Wuling Baojun 730

With the Baojun 730 SAIC-Wuling-GM delivered an incredible success story in China’s automotive industry. SAIC-GM-Wuling used the 730 to reposition the Baojun brand above the Hongguang as a premium MPV. By bringing advanced features such as electronic steering to the low-cost MPV segment, the Baojun can rightfully claim to be “The People’s Car”. What makes these achievements even more remarkable is the fact that the development of all major components was carried out by Wuling’ s headquarter.

Special award for Redefining Premium

Beijing-Benz – All New Mercedes C-Class

The new C-class impressed the jury with its new take on the entry level premium segment in China. The resulting market acceptance proofs that Mercedes once more was able to lead a new development trend.

Special Award for Sustainable Technology

SAIC Roewe 550PEV

With the Roewe 550PEV, SAIC launched a Plugin-Hybrid to the market at a time when most local competitors are still in development. The Roewe 550PEV is the result of future proof competency build-up in all relevant technologies.

Special Award for Business Strategy


S3 showed JAC's indepth understanding of the target SUV segment. As a result JAC was able to take over market share from its competitors and position itself as an innovative maker of SUVs.

Special Award for Global Potential

Changan CS75

The CS75 is the latest result of Changan's long-term strategy to become a global player in the automotive industry. Through continuous improvement in all technical aspects Chang’an was able to reach a very high quality level.In addition, the CS75 comes in with an internationally competitive design.

Xuanyuan Award

2014 Winners

Overall Winner

GAC Trumpchi GS5

This vehicle shows that GAC Motor has made a significant mark within the domestic Chinese automotive market through its broad array of competencies, ranging from product engineering to manufacturing engineering as well as quality and supplier management.

Special Award

Shanghai GM All-new Buick LaCrosse

Exceptional engineering competence

Special Award

Greatwall Haval H6

Pioneer of the SUV Segment in China

Special Award

Changan Eado

Rapid progress in engineering and design competence

Special Award

Shanghai Volkswagen Lavida

Strategic and successfully expansion to a new market segment