Winners announced!

After three intense days full of discussing and testing, the jury announced the well deserving winner of the 5th Xuanyuan Award in the dignified Beijing Motor Museum:


The Volvo S90.




In the end the determining factors amongst others were


  • production in China for the global demand
  • capability of breaking the dominance of the traditional German OEMs in the upper middle segment in China
  • leader in the downsizing approach (2.0l basic engine supercharged in different stages)
  • among the best vehicles assessed in Xiangyang back in October
  • a product of a Chinese owned OEM


 The special prices this year were awarded to


  • New Energy vehicle:                                 GAC NE GE3
  • Excellent Engineering:                              Lynk&Co 01
  • Product Development Strategy:                SAIC Maxus D90
  • Future Concept:                                         BAIC BJEV LITE
  • Exterior Design:                                         WEY VV7s
  • Localization Strategy:                                GAC Honda Avancier 240 Turbo
  • Perceived Quality in Economic Segment: BAIC Senova All New D50

Please also check out this video about the Award and its winners!







Official Kick-Off of the 2018 Xuanyuan Award

"When holding Xuanyuan Award under China's national conditions, we need to have a trustworthy evaluation system, which can represent the Chinese automotive industry and even the Chinese business community”, said Jack Yu, Xuanyuan Award Director and Editor-in-Chief of Auto Business Review and Auto Consumer Reports, during the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Xuanyuan Award at Beijing Auto Museum. (Video of the press conference here!)

Xuanyuan Award has been initiated by Auto Business Review and EFS Business Consultancy in the year 2013 as the first professional B2B award on an international level in China, with the goal to support the development of Chinese automotive industry in a quality-oriented, sustainable and competitive way.

Therefor the Award does not only focus on innovation (including products, technology, business model and strategic innovation), but also makes a considerable contribution to mobility growth in China as well as to the development of Chinese automotive industry in general. And the evaluation criteria of Xuanyuan Award are well-known in the industry for their strictness.

At the opening ceremony Mr. Truls Thorstensen (Lao Lei in China), Jury President of Xuanyuan Award and President & CEO of EFS Business Consultancy, revealed this year’s changes for the 5th Xuanyuan Award.

First, a new member was added to the jury - Mr. Ken Ying.

Mr. Ken Ying is known as the “Steve Jobs” of the Chinese Automobile sector. His company PATEO is the largest Telematics company in China, as well as regarded by the industry as “the company, that knows the Internet better than automotive companies, and the automotive world better than internet companies”. PATEO is one of the few comprehensive telematic service providers that encompasses a wide range of competencies in such fields as active safety, vehicle software, automotive electronics, underlying automotive software, intelligent operating systems, application software, domestic and international automotive ecology, mobile Internet, communication operation, HMI and user experience, TSP platform development and operation, Big Data, content service integration and operation, map engine software and cloud architecture, voice embedded and cloud platform solutions, PAAS platform and so on.

As the vehicle connectivity trend is gradually emerging as a mainstream trend on the market, the evaluation system of Xuanyuan Award will be further improved thanks to Mr. Ken Ying’s in-depth understanding of this topic.

Mr. Ken Ying mentioned the following in his speech: "I am particularly proud to be a member of the Xuanyuan Award jury. I am not a vehicle expert, I specialize in the field of telematics and connectivity, but I will contribute with my seven to eight years of experience to ensure the independence and fairness of the Xuanyuan Award.”

With Mr. Ying joining, the jury for the 2018 Xuanyuan Award comprises:

-        Yuwu Fu, President of Society of Automotive Engineers of China and President of China Auto Talents Society;

-        Changming Xu, Senior Economist, Deputy Director of China State Information Center;

-        In-Ryul Suh, Former Director of Autron, the electronics subsidiary of Hyundai Motors;

-        Jorg Ohlsen, Managing Director and CEO of EDAG;

-        Min Xu, Dean of the Institute of Automotive Engineering & Research, Shanghai Jiaotong University;

-        Katinka von der Lippe, Lead Designer at Eker Design, Red Dot Design Award winner;

-        Jun Ma, Dean of Tongji University’s Institute for Automotive Marketing and Management;

-        Ken Ying, Founder and Chairman of PATEO.

In addition, the Award Design Advisory Board, established last year, will continue counseling the Xuanyuan Award Jury in the various aspects of design. The Advisory Board 2018 members are as follows:

-        Zhang Fan, Vice President of Guangzhou Automobile Group Automotive Engineering Institute;

-        Shao Jingfeng, Design Director of SAIC Motor Passenger Vehicle Corporation;

-        Chang Bing, Vice Director of New Energy Design Center at BAIC Motor Corporation;

-        Chen Zheng, Deputy President of Changan Automobile Engineering Research Institute, Managing Director of Changan Europe Design Center;

-        Chen Qunyi, Vice President and Design Director of IAT Automobile Technology Co., Ltd;

-        Lou Tik, Managing Director and Senior Director of Brand Design of JAC Italy Design Center;

-        James Hope, Executive Director of Chery Design Europe.

Second, besides carrying out the expert evaluation of the vehicles, the 2018 Xuanyuan Award will introduce the Xuanyuan Brand Barometer aimed at monitoring the increase of the vehicle brand power on a monthly basis. SoCar Data & Consulting will provide Big Data analysis to demonstrate a customer view of the products.

Since 2016, the organizers of Xuanyuan Award, in collaboration with the world’s largest independent engineering company EDAG, have introduced a dynamic and static vehicle assessment as an integral part of the Award. The assessment has been performed at the NAST (National Automobile Quality Supervision and Test Center (Xiangyang)) in the city of Xiangyang, with numerous criteria being evaluated, including perceived quality interior & exterior, sense of space, packaging, ease of use, comfort dynamic and comfort static, NVH and driving dynamics. The assessment has been conducted by experts from both China and Germany, and the results were presented to the jury during the jury session and used as a reference for their final decision.

This year NAST will continue its cooperation with Xuanyuan Award, supporting the Award assessment with the site, testing staff, testing equipment and other services.

Among other assessment partners remain EDAG with its engineering and assessment excellence and Dewetron, offering its EV assessment expertise. Also a new partner, Nuance, has been introduced this year to contribute to the assessment with its proficiency in voice control evaluation of the vehicles.

The 2018 Xuanyuan Award will conduct in-depth assessment of design, interior perception & material cost, HMI & voice control, EV range and energy efficiency.

Xuanyuan Award has been successfully held already for four years. The Award principle of “three independences”, meaning the independency of business, independency of power and independency of relationship, has been widely communicated within the industry. This is the principle, that has turned Xuanyuan Award into a trustworthy automotive award. The success of the Award however is of course inseparable from the support of our partners and sponsors.

Xuanyuan Award would like to recognize the invaluable support and extend sincere appreciation to the sponsors: Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd. - the world's largest component giant’s subsidiary in China, CATL - China's No.1 power battery manufacturer, and Amap - China’s leading digital map content, navigation and location service solutions provider. They all have recognized the unique value of Xuanyuan Award and became the sponsors one after another, which has laid a solid foundation for the world-class evaluation system and platform of the Award.

Why does Bosch support Xuanyuan Award? Bosch China Sales VP Huang Lei said: "It is because Xuanyuan Award is independent of business, independent of power, independent of the relationship -  the “three independences” principle. Not everyone is acting according to this principle, and that is why I am really impressed. I hope Xuanyuan Award can further adhere to this principle and become better and better.”

Brand Manager at CATL Li Zhichao said in his speech: "the aim of CATL is to build the best battery and support the development of the automotive industry with the best technology. We at CATL and Xuanyuan Award are promoting the industry development from different angles.”

When the Award was created in 2014, it has become a tradition for the Beijing Auto Museum to collect the winner vehicle of the Xuanyuan Award.

As well as the winners of the previous years (GAC Trumpchi GS5, SAIC GM Wuling Baojun 730 and Geely Borui), the winner of the 4th Xuanyuan Award - SAIC Roewe RX5 -  is going to be officially collected by Beijing Auto Museum at the opening ceremony and will be exhibited on the 3rd floor of the Museum afterwards.

Wang Xiao Chen, director of the Collection Department of Beijing Auto Museum, said: “I believe, when looking back at the 20th or 30th Xuanyuan Award, we will see that not only have we managed to collect the winner vehicles, we have managed to witness the development of the Chinese automotive industry.”

With the official launch of the 5th Xuanyuan Award, the nomination of the award models will also start. All passenger cars, manufactured in China, which have been launched or are planned for launch in 2017, can be nominated. Each vehicle brand can nominate two vehicles - one Electric vehicle and one traditional vehicle.

Up till now, the Award committee has received the nomination forms from SAIC, Changan, GAC, Volvo, FAW-VW, Beijing Benz, Brilliance, Chery, Borgward and dozens of nominations from other OEMs. Representatives from these OEMs have also attended the closed-door session after the Opening Ceremony.

After the submission is completed, the assessment of all nominated vehicles will take place in Xiangyang from October 28th to November 6th.

On December 1st and 2nd, the jury will have a two-day jury session to decide on the winners.

Final winners of 2018 Xuanyuan Award will be announced on the 3rd of December at Beijing Auto Museum.

Let’s wait and see who will be this year’s winners!

Roadmap to the 2018 Xuanyuan Award.