1+5, the 6th Xuanyuan Award Winners Announced



For the first time, new carmakers enter the market and confront with traditional OEMs; Advanced characteristics are introduced to the assessment and assessed by a professional team; Independent Observer starts to participate in the Award process.

As one of the most professional automotive awards in China, the Xuanyuan Award constantly adjusts itself based on the development trend of China's automotive industry, but what remains is its guiding principle "Being independent of personal relationships, business interests, or any other influences.

On December 15th, 2018, the Xuanyuan Award, jointly created by Automotive Business Review and Austria-based EFS Consulting, had its sixth award ceremony at the Beijing Auto Museum.


In his speech, Jack Jia, Director of Xuanyuan Award Executive Committee, Editor in Chief of Auto Business Review, and co-founder of Auto Square Vehicle APP, said that Xuanyuan Award is evaluating vehicles produced in China by international and domestic OEMs. This year's award has gone through 99 days, and the final result only came out last night (December 14). The typical characteristics of the Award are only few vehicles are awarded, it is a unique Automotive award in the world, we adhere to its guiding principle of being independent and we are creating history with our professionality.

Representative of Xuanyuan Award sponsors, Mr. Zhu Guangwei, VP of Bosch China said that Bosch and Xuanyuan Award are good friends and Bosch has witnessed its growth and independent and fair selection mechanism along the way. This year, the Xuanyuan Award once again brought us a rich spiritual feast.

He believes that although the dimensions of people's evaluation of cars are changing with the development of the industry, the spirit of "Independence" pursued by the Xuanyuan Award is eternal.

In the 40 years of China’s reform and opening up, Bosch has witnessed the development of China's auto industry. Facing the new four modernizations, Bosch has also been transforming and deeply promoting localization. In the future, Bosch will continue to work with OEMs to promote the development of China's auto industry.


As one of the strategic partners of the Xuanyuan Award, Yang Rui, director of the Beijing Automobile Museum, said that today the museum ushered in 3 happy events: the Red Flag fan club activities, the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening concert and the Xuanyuan Award.

Next, they will take their exhibitions to museums all over the country to tell about the history of automotive development, and hope that together with the Xuanyuan Award, Chinese OEMs can really make a difference.


Xuanyuan Award Jury President, President of EFS Consulting, Truls Thorstensen, introduced the vehicle assessment of the 6th Xuanyuan Award.

In 11 days, a total of 55 experts from 11 Chinese and Western companies evaluated 36 participated vehicles from very comprehensive perspectives.

Xuanyuan Award has witnessed the progress of China's auto industry. More and more domestic vehicles have reached the global average in terms of perceived quality, and some even reached the world's best in class level.

At the same time, in the fields of HMI, connectivity and AI, domestic brands have begun to lead the development of the global automotive industry.


Fu Yuwu, member of the Xuanyuan Award Jury and honorary chairman of the SAE China, said that 2018 will be a glorious year in the history of Chinese automotive industry. In the 40 years of the Reform and Opening up, Chinese vehicles have gone to the world, to the market and to the family.

Although China's auto industry is facing the opening of JV share ratio, the tariff reduction of imported cars, and the winter time of the market in 2018, he firmly believes that Chinese domestic OEMs will use this opportunity to create real world-class brands and enterprises through competition.

Xuanyuan Award’s reputation is well-deserved in the past 6 years. It not only witnesses the history of the development of Chinese auto industry, but also promotes the development of China's domestic brand’s development through its fair, open and objective evaluation.

First time as an independent observer, Partner and Greater China Automotive & Transportation Sector Leader at Ernest & Young, Peter Mao, witnessed the award process of the 6th Xuanyuan Award.

"I here certify that the results of the 6th Xuanyuan Awards were thoroughly discussed by all members of the jury, and the results were obtained in the form of fair and open votes. The entire process followed the Xuanyuan Awards' principles and defined processes."

In the end, after the fierce competition, the 6th Xuanyuan Award ended with 1 overall winner and 5 special awards.

The overall winner was awarded to SAIC Roewe Marvel X, which was the first time in the 6-years Xuanyuan Award history that a pure electrical vehicle being chosen as the overall winner!

Dongfeng Aeolus AX7, Jaguar Epace, NIO ES8 and SITECH DEV1 were awarded respectively the special award for AI Practice, Perceived Quality, Comfort & Driving Experience, Design and Jury Special.