1+5, the 6th Xuanyuan Award Winners Announced

After 99 days of competition and final review of the 36 participated vehicle models, the 6th Xuanyuan Award announced its 1 overall Award winner and 5 special Award winners on December 15th of 2018 at Beijing Auto Museum. More than 100 representatives from automotive manufacturers, suppliers and media attended the ceremony to witness the announcement of the 6th Xuanyuan Award winners.

The overall winner was awarded to SAIC Roewe Marvel X, which was the first time in the 6-years Xuanyuan Award history that a pure electrical vehicle being chosen as the overall winner!

Dongfeng Aeolus AX7, Jaguar Epace, NIO ES8 and SITECH DEV1 were awarded respectively the special award for AI practice, perceived quality, comfort & driving Experience, design and jury special.


The 6th Xuanyuan Award Overall Winner is awarded to SAIC Roewe Marvel X


Reasons for winning:

  • All over, well balanced vehicle concept
  • Special strength in interior perceived quality due to application of high value materials and premium craftsmanship
  • Convincing driving dynamics leading the way in the global EV SUV segment
  • Providing the customer with a thought-through AI experience
  • Highly integrated electric powertrain design shows extra-ordinary engineering competence
  • High level EV performance in major dimensions: energy efficiency, driving range, battery charging


The 6th Xuanyuan Award Special Award for AI Practice is awarded to Dongfeng Aeolus AX7.


Reasons for winning:

  • Truly user-centered system, not only transferring spoken into written word, but capturing the driver’s intentions
  • Extraordinary performance in highly user relevant dimensions: information display, voice control, and variance of functions
  • Deep integration into online ecosystem proactively provides user with use-case specific solutions.


The 6th Xuanyuan Award Special Award for Perceived Quality is awarded to Jaguar Epace


  • Reasons for winning
  • High attention to exterior details, and achieving extraordinary craftsmanship that communicates a sense of sportiness and premium
  • Convincing touch and feel due to high quality soft materials applied in the interior
  • Well-balanced application of exterior chrome parts and interior interplay of colors supports the dynamic language, in correspondence with product positioning


The 6th Xuanyuan Award Special Award for Comfort & Driving Experience is awarded to LYNK & CO 03


Reasons for winning:

  • Strong and dynamic driving experience due to powerful engine and ESP only stepping in last minute
  • Interior concept (e.g. sporty seats) provides driver with direct feeling for the environment while maintaining a high level of comfort
  • Delicate interior with a lot of love for details provides exceptional and comfortable driving experience


The 6th Xuanyuan Award Special Award for Design is hereby awarded to NIO ES8


Reasons for winning:

  • The NIO ES8 represents a fresh and innovative exterior design
  • The overall volume is balanced, and the front graphics are innovative and clean
  • Futuristic HMI interface in interior with clean lines and high perceived quality



The 6th Xuanyuan Award Jury Special is awarded to SITECH DEV1


Reasons for winning:

  • High value economic EV suitable for urban driving and mostly feasible for the current E-powertrain technology
  • Futuristic EV concept, with dedicated vehicle specification for shared mobility solutions
  • Developed through highly efficient utilization and integration of a wide range of R&D and manufacturing resources





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