Award Winners 2016

Geely's GC9 Borui wins the Xuanyuan Award 2016

The GC9 Borui from Geely is a remarkable product in many aspects.

By being the first car from a local OEM to successfully compete in the coveted C-segment, the GC9 sets a strong statement for the entire Chinese automotive industry.

The GC9 offers a compelling package in terms of exterior design and advanced features and marks a huge improvement over its predecessor and peers from local OEMs. This achievement also got noticed by Chinese customers - demand for the GC9 increased steadily and resulted in waiting times at the dealer of up to 2 months.

With the GC9 Geely successfully positioned itself as a major player in the premium segment and we are looking forward on future vehicles, which will be built upon this foundation.

Special Awards in Additional Categories

In addition to the overall winner the Jury decided to hand out 3 special awards for exceptional achievements.

Special award for New Product Experience. BAIC Senova X25

The BAIC X25 surprised the jury with a fresh take on the small SUV segment.

Where most competitors only focus on delivering an affordable vehicle with a similar set of features, BAIC went to great lengths to offer a fun driving experience. It speaks very well for the Chinese automotive industry that local brands are finally starting to tackle the same issues as their international counterparts - driving experience and vehicle dynamics.


Special Award for Consistent Portfolio Strategy - SAIC-GM-Wuling Baojun 560

The Baojun 560 marks SAIC-GM-Wuling's first entry into the crowded SUV market and should serve as a case study for successful portfolio expansion.

Baojun successfully transferred its brand DNA to a new segment by carrying over the strengths of the Baojun 730, the winner of the 2nd Xuanyuan Award. 

But the Baojun 560 is not only a achievement in product development and portfolio expansion, but also shows on how a new-entrant to a segment can still gain significant market share through strategic pricing.


Special Award for Design - Dongfeng-Nissan Lannia

When designing cars for the Chinese markets, OEMs often take a very conservative approach, in which they follow foreign trends with a delay of a couple of years.

It is therefore remarkable that Dongfeng-Nissan decided to roll-out its latest design language to China, even before introducing it to the European market. The Lannia therefore is not only a testament of the importance the Chinese market has attained, but also on how Dongfeng-Nissan perceives the market to develop - from fast follower to cutting edge.