Car of the Year | NIO ES6

This car has a highly recognizable EV family design. Its autonomous driving technology is comparable to Tesla and it provides innovative and emotionally HMI experience as well as user-specific diversified services. It represents the Chinese OEMs’ pursuit of perfection. It was highly evaluated and unanimously acknowledged by the 7th Xuanyuan Award jury.





2020 Winners


Top 10 | NIO ES6

Inheriting the innovative EV family genes, this car has shown very strong product competitiveness in terms of driving performance, detailed design, connectivity experience, autonomous driving and user service through a number of groundbreaking technology and innovative application solutions.

Top 10 | New Baojun RM-5       

This car has made bold innovations and breakthroughs from both inside and outside. It brings the customers a new experience that is young, fun and with good sense of technology. It is equipped with the industry's first mobile phone telematics which has brought new ideas to the industry.

Top 10 | Lykn&Co 03+

A fashionable and sporty brand is created. This car's positioning is accurate, fully catering to young customers’ preferences for sports cars. It has also paid high attention to the interior and exterior details, very well-made. It continues to create a path for Chinese auto brands to go upwards.

Top 10 | Geely Xingyue PHEV     

This car embodies advanced design concepts and manufacturing technology. The product experience is well balanced among power, fuel consumption, comfort and other dimensions, and it has become the benchmark of the domestic coupe SUV market.

Top 10 | Aion LX

This car has a fashionable styling and has ingeniously created a hyperboloid screen effect and a humanized interface. It is also at the forefront of the industry in terms of electric vehicle driving performance, autonomous driving, and vehicle intelligence.














2019 Winners

This car attempts to define a sense of luxury that meets the aesthetic needs of Chinese customers. It is well-balanced with rich function settings, which has made outstanding contributions to the upgrading process of Chinese auto brands.

Top 10 | Hongqi HS5

Sporty design language, pioneering triple screen center console, humanized seating experience and good dynamic performance, all these have made this car the leading product of Changan’s brand upgrading program.

Top 10 | Changan CS75 PLUS

Top 10 | Audi e-tron       

This car innovatively adopts a cabin design integrated with three electronic screens. It has a simple HMI, fashionable design and the operation is convenient. As the first pure electric car of FAW Audi, it provides the customers first-class driving experience than traditional cars.

Top 10 | Jetta VS5

This car is based on the Volkswagen MQB platform, and through localized supply chain innovation, it has achieved a significant reduction in its pricing. It has successfully transformed Jetta from a product brand into one of the independent new brands of the Volkswagen Group.

Top 10 | The All New BMW 3 Series

With its advanced ADAS functions, e.g. Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go, automatic parking function, this car allows the customers to feel the convenience and security brought by technology while enjoying the ultimate driving experience.


Overall Winner | Roewe Marvel X

All over, well balanced vehicle concept; Special strength in interior PQ due to application of high value materials and premium craftsmanship; Convincing driving dynamics leading the way in the global EV SUV segment, providing the customer with a thought-through AI experience; Highly integrated electric powertrain design shows extra-ordinary engineering competence; High level EV performance in major dimensions: energy efficiency, driving range, battery charging.

Jury Special| SITECH DEV1

High value economic EV suitable for urban driving and mostly feasible for the current E-powertrain technology; Futuristic EV concept, with dedicated vehicle specification for shared mobility solutions; Developed through highly efficient utilization and integration of a wide range of R&D and manufacturing resources.














2018 Winners