Xuanyuan Award - China Auto Industry Award

Car of the Year - World Panel's Choice

Xuanyuan Award was founded in 2013 by Auto Business Review and EFS Consulting with the aim to promote the Chinese Automotive Industry to develop in a quality-oriented, sustainable and competitive way.

Xuanyuan Award not only focuses on the product itself but also on its impact on mobility and innovation in China.

Xuan refers to an ancient vehicle with a shed or curtain. Yuan, the two straight wooden sticks in front of the vehicle where the animals were connected and driven in front. Xuanyuan is also an alias of Huangdi (Yellow Emperor) who is the ancestor of the Chinese nation and the inventor of the Guide Vehicle.


Naming the Award after Emperor Xuanyuan shows our aim to be the top award in the automotive field, guiding and promoting China’s automotive industry to move forward.


The Xuanyuan Award


Car of the Year 2021


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Hongqi H9


World-class styling, perfect mixture of history and modernity, classic and fashion, dazzling in an instant, it has excellent driving control and the most intelligent interaction and riding experience compared with the same level of products; it allows advanced technology and Chinese culture to harmoniously blend with itself. It is the pioneer which managed to make the breakthrough of Chinese domestic brands in executive luxury market.




Xiaopeng P7


Human & vehicle as one! This car subverts the industry's stereotype that electric sportscars are fast but not linear. It is a milestone product in the era of AI interaction, is the State-of Art of software-defined vehicle. It represents the cultural identity of China's new generation of consumer groups and represents China's automotive expectations for the future.