Where did the R&D representatives go the day before the Beijing Auto Show?


On September 25th, the first round of the 8th Xuanyuan Award Tech Day was held at the Beijing Automobile Museum.






Dr. Jack Yu, Director of the Xuanyuan Award Executive Committee and Editor-in-Chief of Automotive Business Review, explained the rules of this year's Xuanyuan Award and analysed the future industry development trends. Mr. Zhang Xiaoliang, Xuanyuan Award jury member, So.Car founder & CEO, Mr. Yu Zhonggao, Xuanyuan Award assesssment expert, NAST deputy chief engineer, Mr. Zhu Jian, Xuanyuan Award assessment expert, PATEO Group Interactive Design Director, presented the asessment approach of the 8th Xuanyuan Award from user experience, static & dynamics and HMI perspectives. The nominateed vehicles are introducted and elaborated on various dimensions by the invited representatives of OEMs and automotive experts.



The Xuanyuan Award was founded in 2013 by Automotive Business Review and Austria-based EFS Consulting. Since its establishment, the "Three Independent" principle has been set: independent of personal relationship, business interests or any other influences. Jack Yu said in his speech that the winners of the Xuanyuan Award, especially the China Car of the Year, represents the development trend of the industry.



Meng Wei, Xuanyuan Award Executive Committee member, Chief Editor of Autosquare APP explained the award criteria of the 8th Xuanyuan Award which are the same as always, based on three aspects: innovation, mobility and industry contribution. While continuing the previous assessment catagories (static & dynamic characteristics, EV energy efficiency, user experience assessment), in-depth evaluation of automotive intelligence will be carried out in this year's user experience assessment. Besides, the auto intelligence evaluation results will be summarized into the Xuanyuan Smart Car Index which will indicate the intelligence level of Chinese Automotive Industry.



Mr. Zhang Xiaoliang introduced the Xuanyuan Smart Car index in his speech. He said "every car is a synthesis of function, performance and experience, and function is the node of performance and experience. Xuanyuan Index is based on the function list, which measures the intelligence level of each car from three aspects: perception, decision-making and execution. The perception layer corresponds to the corporate strategy, the decision-making layer represents the OEM's user operation capabilities, and the execution layer is directly related to the hardware level of the product." The Xuanyuan Index as a whole can reflect the level of intelligence at a certain stage, as well as the direction and speed of intelligent progress in the automotive industry.

Mr. Yu Zhonggao, Xuanyuan Award assesssment expert, NAST deputy chief engineer presented the static and dynamic vehicle characteristics assessment, the traditional assessment scope from the first award on. 



Mr. Zhu Jian, Xuanyuan Award assessment expert, PATEO Group Interactive Design Director presented PATEO's comprehensive HMI concept which also put high emphasis on user experience. 



Besides the speeches of the executive committee, jury member and assessment experts, representatives from GAC Trumpchi, Hongqi, SAIC-GM Buick, Chery, SAIC Maxus, SAIC Roewe, Jetour, Geely, Lynk & Co, Arcfox, Changan, Xiaopeng, Changan NEVy, Dongfeng Yueda Kia, Leapmotor have introducted the highlights of about 30 nominated vehicles.



Affected by the epidemic, this year's Xuanyuan Award was officially launched online beginning of this September, and up till now, we have received around 70 nominations from over 40 vehicles manufacturers. The initial selection will be carried out around mid of October, Xuanyuan Award Advisory Board will select 40 vehicles out of all nominees to enter the vehicle assessment which will be held begining of November at NAST in Xiangyang. In the final Jury session beginning of December, the "Xuanyuan Award China Car of the Year", "Xuanyuan Award Top 10 Cars of the Year" and "Xuanyuan Award Top Ten Nominees" will be defined. The winner will be announced at the Award Ceremony on December 12th.

Let's wait and see who will be the winners in this very special year!