The 7th Xuanyuan Award Kicks off




On September 2nd, the 7th Xuanyuan Awards Press conference was held at the Beijing Auto Museum. The organizers Automotive Business Review & EFS Consulting, the supporting partners, partners, independent observers, and the media witnessed the kickoff the 7th Xuanyuan Award.




"Holding an award in China is nothing unusual, being objective, fair and professional is what makes Xuanyuan Award special. There are indeed many awards in China but only few are objective, fair and professional. Jack Jia, director of Xuanyuan Award Executive Committee, Editor-in-Chief of the Auto Business Review and co-founder of the Auto Square Vehicle APP, said in his speech that the Xuanyuan Award’s guiding principle is “Beijing independent of personal relationships, business interests or any other influences”. This has been the same since the foundation of the Award, although it sometimes brings troubles to the Award.




Representative of Xuanyuan Award Partners, Mr. Shen Jin, Deputy Director of Beijing Auto Museum said in his speech that from the first Xuanyuan Award to the kickoff of this year, Beijing Auto Museum highly recognized the "independence principle" that the Xuanyuan Award has been adhering to. Domestic vehicles chosen by this Award has given us more confidence in the Chinese automotive industry-"We still believe that real world-class brands will come from China's own domestic brands.”




This year’s Xuanyuan Award will once again conduct the vehicle assessment in Xiangyang at NAST in October. NAST’s NVH Chief Kang Runcheng said that NAST has formed a highly integrated, comprehensive vehicle test, Inspection, and certification competence. The center will, as always, provide strong support for this year’s Xuanyuan Award assessment.




Representative of the Supporters, Mr. Zhu Guangwei, VP of Bosch China expressed his high expectations of the Award: "We are pleased to see that the Xuanxuan Award has become an authoritative award in the industry, of course, we also hope that in the future Xuanyuan Award will have the same visibility outside automotive industry."




Another representative of the Supporters, Mr. Liu Ziyu, Public Affairs Manager at CATL, is pleased that CATL "as the world's leading power battery supplier, has witnessed together with the Xuanyuan Award the general trend of China and the global automotive industry going towards electrification, intelligence, connectivity, and car sharing in the past 6 years and together become the participants and promoters of Chinese automotive industry’s transformation and upgrading.”




The Xuanyuan Award was founded in 2013. It received 20 nominations in the first year and 35 nominations in 2018. The number of nominations has been growing. Guenther Kolar, member of the Xuanyuan Award Executive Committee and General Manager of EFS China, shared in his speech that the composition of vehicles participated in the Xuanyuan Award reflects the development trend of the entire market well: "Pure electric vehicles are increasing year by year. The number of SUVs did not exceed the number of sedans at the beginning, and last year it was already twice that of sedans. "


Another trend is that the performance of Chinese domestic vehicles in the Xuanyuan Award assessment in the past few years has been getting better and better, and getting even closer to the international leading level. Kolar also introduced the assessment criteria of this year's Xuanyuan Award at the press conference.




Xuanyuan Award was founded in 2013 by Auto Business Review and EFS Consulting with the aim to promote Chinese Automotive Industry to develop in a quality-oriented, sustainable, and competitive way. The Xuanyuan Award has also been evolving and growing with the transformation of Chinese automotive industry in the past years.


Xuanyuan Award pursues innovation and development each year. The 7th Xuanyuan Award has updated the organizational structure and revised the award rules.


The organizational structure of the Xuanyuan Award consists of Executive Committee, Jury, Advisory Boards, and Independent Observer. The advisory boards include Design Advisory Board, Tech Advisory Board, and Media Advisory Board. Tech Advisory Board and Media Advisory Board are newly added to the organization this year. Besides, the member of the Jury and Design Advisory Board are expanded. In total, we now have 10 Jury members, 10 Design Advisory Board members, 10 Tech Advisory Board members, and 30 Media Advisory Board members.




Representative of the jury, Mr. Fu Yuwu, Honorary Chairman of SAE China and China Automobile Talent Research Association said in his speech: "China ’s first economic downturn in 28 years has brought negative growth to the automotive industry. This year’s Xuanyuan Award is destined to be different from previous years. The automotive industry should be confident and actively make transformation to meet the severe test. I believe we are capable to do so. "




Jury member, Mr. Xu Min, Director of Automotive Engineering Research Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University shared how the Award ensures its objectivity and fairness from his point of view, "Although Dr. Jack Jia and Truls Thorstensen are the founder of the Award, they are not members of the jury, they do not have the right to vote, only us the jury members can cast the vote to define the winners. How this award was awarded last was that after we argued, we reached a consensus and finally the results came out based on our votes.”




Mr. Zhang Xiaoliang, Founder and CEO of SoCar (second from right) and Mr. Fu Lizhi (second from left), Professor of Institute of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, receive the letter of appointment as newly chosen members of the Xuanyuan Award Jury.




Mr. Yang Xiaoming (second from right), President of Aptiv Asia-Pacific, and Mr. Zhuang Zhiqiang (second from left), Executive Vice President of Toyota-Boshoku China, receive the letter of appointment as members of Xuanyuan Award Tech Advisory Board.




Ms. Liang Yi (second from left), General Manager of Auto Xinhuanet, Mr. Sun Yong (third from left), Senior Auto Critic, CEO of Knowhowedu, Mr. Fu Jiren, (fourth from left) Vice President of Zhihu, Mr. Wang Chao (fifth from left), Director of Auto Development of China Youth Daily, Mr. Zhou Guangjun, (third to right), Editor-in-Chief of Auto-First, and Mr. Liu Baohua (second to right), Editor-in-Chief of Auto Business Review, 6 journalists are appointed as members of the Xuanxuan Award Media Advisory Board.


From today's kickoff, the Xuanxuan Award will go through three and a half months of application, initial evaluation, vehicle assessment, jury days, and finally on December 14th, the winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony. All locally produced vehicles and imported new energy vehicles launched between November 2018 and October 2019 can be participate the award evaluation.